Breaking News! – Surrender Group

I just created a new group (Surrender Group) on Facebook to help promote my book, “Surrender.”

If you’re on Facebook and you’d like to check it out, please visit me and the rest of the group:



Writer Resolutions For The New Year (And How You Can Achieve Them) — K.M. Allan

As one year draws to a close and a new one begins, we start with fresh eyes and the optimism that this will finally be the year that we achieve what we want, no matter how big or small those goals are. If you’re a writer, your goals will revolve around putting words on the […]

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An Excerpt – Chapter VI (Predestiny)

PoBo had one huge thing going in his favor: Halloween was just yesterday and so no one got alarmed.  It was very good timing as there were still all kinds of humans dressed up in makeup and various attire.  There was also the fact that often people in a big city were in a hurry and, thus, less interested and more accepting of things happening around them.  But PoBo still heard a few comments like “Nice fur coat, buddy!” and “Great costume, man!” along with a grunt of an expletive like “Weirdo!” and “Freak!” from the occasional passerby . . . Probably PoBo’s favorite one was “Chewy looked better with rounds of ammunition.  How’s an axe gonna help?”


Some of the elderly New Yorkers looked upon PoBo with curiosity. One person thought Ah, that’s cute. Someone tall really likes Bigfoot . . . Another one thought Boy did some seamstress do a good job at making that look real. Again, most city slickers seldom questioned appearances because they were too busy doing their own thing in the hustle and bustle, but the elderly folks were sometimes the exception only because they moved slower with their canes and power chairs—more time to gaze. A few more onlookers thought PoBo was just some teenager goofing off and an older woman with a bag of groceries in her hand looked up and thought Jeez! People really like stretching things out! They just can’t let go of a holiday and move on!
At one point, a little boy looked at his mother and said “Mommy, I want Bigfoot at my birthday party.” Mom just shrugged it off and said “We’ll see honey.”